Christmas Constitutional

Christmas Constitutional

I have decided to return to my habit of lightheartedly looking back at the year. (Looking back on previous years I am struck by how many issue remain the same. see – 2015 2012  2011 )

To be sung to Walking in a Winter Wonderland.  I am the first to admit “constitutional” doesn’t quite roll of the tongue the same way.

Carbon price rings
grinches hissing
It’s the feds
they’re insisting
A policy fight
whose scrapping tonight
Paris” in a constitutional hinterland

Going away is the caribou
may it stay? as the grouse do?
they sing a love song
for emergency orders to come along
species in a constitutional hinterland

In the meadow we can build a pipeline;
then pretend towns can turn it down
They’ll say “are you serious?”
we’ll say “no man”
“but the feds can run you underground”

Later on
we’ll conspire
cooperative federalism under fire
to face unafraid
the energy policy we’ve made
pipelines in a constitutional hinterland

In the river we can block a boat, man
and hope fish habitat is still around
we’ve been asking for sustainable EA man
after all those old kids knocked it down.

Economy slows
not so thrilling
Redwater shows, we’re out some shillings
we’ll frolic and pray
all this insolvencéy
isn’t mired
in the constitutional hinterland.

Talkin bout a constitutional hinterland.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

ELC winter mantra – may our snow-tracks be covered for future generations

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