Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities:


All Canadians have a right to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment.


Your support makes it possible for your voice to be heard.

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Sustainable communities. Environmental rights. Environmental justice.

Canada is an amazing treasure of natural wonders. This has been the pride and joy of Canadians since time immemorial. Over the past 50 years, however, there has been a push back threatening this pristine paradise. Environmental pollution. This has given rise to a rallying call to enshrine the right to a clean and healthy environment in the highest laws of the land.

You have a right to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment and the ELC is committed to making your voice heard.


The ELC, with your support, is at the forefront of educating Albertans on their substantive right to environmental quality.  We are committed to seeing the establishment of procedural safeguards to ensure that this substantive right is fulfilled – including your right to information, to participate in decision making and access to justice in seeking remedies for past, present or anticipated violations.

Join us as we strive to make healthy communities a reality for all Albertans.

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