Environmental Law Education

Environmental Law Education


Our mission is to educate and champion for strong environmental laws and rights so that all Albertans can enjoy clean air, clean water and a healthy environment.

Environmental Law Education for the General Public

The Environmental Law Centre is involved in providing environmental law education to a wide variety of audiences and through various public forums, workshops and other methods. Watch our website for announcements of where you can find us, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!


  • Contributing to the legal education and knowledge of the people of Alberta and providing environmental legal programs
  • Providing timely and balanced analysis and legal information about changing legislation and opportunities for participating in public processes
  • Use of online formats to share information (blog, webinars, website, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Delivering in-person courses, presentations and workshops at public education institutions, conferences or to community groups



Environmental Law 101 for High Schools in Alberta

AlbertaEnviroLaws website is a project of the Environmental Law Centre. This project has been generously funded by the Alberta Law Foundation.


The content of this website is intended to be a resource for high school teachers and students in Alberta interested in learning and teaching more about environmental law and environmental issues in Alberta.


The website is a self-learning resource for high school students and teachers. It is divided into nine modules. Website visitors can pace themselves as they continue through the modules and “self-test” their learning at the end of each module. The website also serves as an excellent resource for Albertans who are interested in learning more about environmental issues and the law in Alberta.


As well, this website can serve as a supplement to both the science and social studies curriculum, providing important background and resources about environmental law in Alberta.


This project was a finalist for the 2016 Alberta Emerald Award INNOVATION category.


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