Climate and Energy

Climate and Energy:


How do we develop energy resources (i.e. oil, gas, coal) without destroying the environment and harming people’s quality of life?


You can help address such tough questions in climate and energy issues.

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Climate and energy are intertwined. At the ELC, we understand the importance of both, and how they have the ability to shape the future. Because of your support, we are working hard to balance the development of energy resources (i.e. oil, gas, coal) in a way that does not destroy the environment or our quality of life.


To spearhead this balance, and through your support, the ELC undertakes educational initiatives that address, among others, climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, cap-and-trade, carbon taxes, renewable energy, clean electricity, energy efficiency and energy conservation.


Your financial support champions this vision of a better future where climate and energy coexist sustainably, for the betterment of all of our lives.

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