Environmental Legal Research & Analysis

Environmental Legal Research and Analysis for Proposed Law Reform

Conducting research and recommending reform of law and administration of justice.

Contract Services and Special Reports


The Environmental Law Centre provides environmental legal research and analysis to governments, government committees and standing committees, environmental non-governmental organizations and corporations.

Do you need specialized help with an environmental law issue? We can provide a variety of services, such as education, research, special reports and presentations on a fee for service basis.


  • Researching other jurisdictions for best practices, and lessons learned
  • Developing and promoting model laws and bylaws that governments can use or adapt
  • Developing and promoting thoughtful, balanced legal tools to address environmental concerns (i.e. enforcement, protection, monitoring)
  • Engaging with stakeholders and thought-leaders to seek input for and analyze proposals for law reform
  • Submitting briefs and analysis to policy-makers
  • Presenting to and meeting with appropriate officials in regards to law reform proposals, or participating in government-led consultation processes


Our lawyers have expertise in a number of areas including contaminated sites, fisheries, agriculture, environmental assessment, air quality, energy, environmental education and regulatory matters.


Some examples of recent fee for service work include:

  • drafting conservation easements with respect to subdivision processes;
  • contracts with governments or organizations relating to environmental legislation; and
  • policy review and presentations or webinars tailored to meet client’s needs.


For more information about our environmental legal research and analysis, contact our Executive Director at (780) 424-5099 or 1-800-661-4238 or by email at elc@elc.ab.ca.

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