Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making in Alberta – Part I (Webinar)

Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making in Alberta – Part I (Webinar)

How are decisions made to authorize industrial operations in Alberta? Who gets to use water and how? How can you get involved in those types of decisions?

The short answer is that Alberta Environment regulates environmental aspects of many industrial activities under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, and water use and activities affecting water under the Water Act.

If that answer leaves you wondering how it all works and how you can be involved, join Cindy Chiasson, Executive Director of the Environmental Law Centre, to learn more about these authorizations and how you can have a say in the decision-making process.

This is the first in a four-part, weekly webinar series in which ELC Staff Counsel members will present the contents of A Guide to Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making in Alberta. No familiarity with the guide is required, but you can click here to read or download it.

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Invitations for future sessions will be sent separately, but in case you want to save the dates, they are:

Thursday February 11 – Part II: Appealing an Approval or Licence to the Environmental Appeals Board

Thursday February 18 – Part III: Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessments

Thursday February 25 – Part IV: Going to Court: Judicial Review

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