OWC interviews ELC Counsel Adam Driedzic on Watershed Stewardship

OWC interviews ELC Counsel Adam Driedzic on Watershed Stewardship

OWC interviews ELC Counsel Adam Driedzic on Watershed Stewardship



The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) interviewed Adam Driedzic, Staff Counsel at the Environmental Law Center (ELC), for the film “Oldman Goes to Hollywood”, a visual story of change and stewardship in the watershed.  Adam spoke about the impacts of land use on water and emerging pressures on the watershed such as municipal growth and recreational activity.  The ELC is currently assisting the OWC advance its Headwaters Action Plan, which seeks to protect the source of our water, the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains. The ELC’s research compares recreation management in Alberta to other states and provinces in North America.  A preview of the ELC’s research will be published in the upcoming edition of Alberta Wilderness Association’s Wild Lands Advocate publication.  Media coverage on this film can be viewed here.





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