ALSA Q&A – Compensation for participation?

ALSA Q&A – Compensation for participation?

By: Cindy Chiasson

Is there compensation for participating in regional advisory council discussions/positions?

I’m going to break this question into two parts.

  1. Is there compensation provided to regional advisory council members?
  2. Is financial assistance provided to members of the public who wish to participate in public consultations on a regional plan?

Regarding compensation for council members, under section 51 of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) Cabinet can allow for payments to council members.  That power can be delegated to the “Stewardship Minister”, which is currently Sustainable Resource Development Minister Ted Morton.  ALSA provides no further detail about such payments.  According to the news release announcing the appointment of the council for the Lower Athabasca region, council members can receive an honorarium and coverage of their travel expenses.

With respect to financial assistance for participants in public consultations on a regional plan, under ALSA Cabinet has the power to set out the “public and stakeholder communication and consultation required”.  Thus far, there have been no regulations made by Cabinet to set out consultation processes and no financial assistance has been provided in relation to the first rounds of public consultation carried out in the Lower Athabasca region and the South Saskatchewan region.  Generally, in the past the provincial government has only provided funding towards financial assistance for participants in ongoing structured multi-stakeholder processes, such as the Clean Air Strategic Alliance and the Alberta Water Council.

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