Accounting for nature: Increasing revenues in support of environmental management

Accounting for nature: Increasing revenues in support of environmental management

Accounting for nature: Increasing revenues in support of environmental management


Alberta is no stranger to budgetary turmoil thanks to its significant reliance on oil and gas revenues and the tumultuous pricing of the commodity. For environmental management and regulation, this means competing with various other government priorities for a piece of the budget pie.  This budgeting for environmental monitoring, planning and management is not sustainable.

Resources are needed to address the broad suite of environmental challenges, from point source pollution to non-point source pollution and the cumulative environmental effects we have on the environment.  Revenues generated can be used across the spectrum of environmental governance: monitoring, assessing, planning, administration of regulation, and compliance and enforcement.

ELC’s report Accounting for Nature: Regulatory approaches to filling environmental budget gaps in Alberta is coming soon. Register for our upcoming webinar today.

In our upcoming webinar, we seek to highlight various approaches that can be taken to move towards balancing the budget and to outline where legislative reforms are needed. This includes payments being made for environmental impacts, either as a fee or levy or through a requirement to offset harms, through investment, or through environmentally linked taxation.

We will identify approaches that are currently enabled in Alberta law, gaps in these approaches and highlights opportunities for law and policy reform.  The webinar and report will be of interest to anyone who feels there is a need for more consistent and sustained sources of revenue to ensure Alberta has an effective environmental management system.  Topics will include water licence rents, legacy liability funding, municipal conservation funding and more.

Register for our Upcoming Webinar

Join the ELC for a webinar as we investigate how we can better account for nature.

Webinar: November 8 12-1:00 pm

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