Shari Clare

Shari Clare, PhD, PBiol

Vice President


Shari Clare is a professional biologist and one of the co-founders of Fiera Biological Consulting Ltd., a small environmental consulting firm based in Edmonton. Shari has nearly 20 years of vegetation and wildlife research and management experience in western Canada, and she specializes in ecological assessment, watershed and wetland management, natural resource policy development, and systematic conservation planning.


In addition, Shari is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta where her research interests include water policy, design standards for constructing and restoring wetlands, urban ecology, and the use of market-based instruments to improve environmental policy outcomes.


Over the last decade, Shari has focused a great deal of her professional and academic work on creating better tools and policies for managing natural habitats, including more accurate inventories and standardized methods for assessing natural area condition, and enhancing and preserving functional ecological networks.



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