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Our mission is to educate and champion for strong environmental laws and rights so that all Albertans can enjoy clean air, clean water and a healthy environment.



Climate & Energy

Climate and energy are intertwined and often viewed as opposed to each other. At the ELC, we see a world where climate and energy co-exist for the benefit of all.

Sustainable Communities

Do you believe you have a right to a clean and healthy environment? That you deserve clean air, clean water, and a thriving environment? The ELC is committed to educating and empowering Canadians on how to exercise these crucial rights for a greener future for you and for our future generations.

Nature & Biodiversity

Our Canadian natural spaces and biodiversity are treasured. The ELC is working hard to ensure that important habitat and natural spaces for our wildlife and all biodiversity, including people, is maintained for generations to come.


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2016 Emerald Award Finalist: Bringing Environmental Law into Alberta High Schools

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Thoughts about the #ParisAgreement, Trump's decision to withdraw and what that might mean for Canada #climatechange bit.ly/2sETqFr

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