Astrid Kalkbrenner

Dr. Astrid Kalkbrenner

Staff Counsel


Dr. Astrid Kalkbrenner is Staff Counsel with the Environmental Law Centre and a Research Fellow in Oil and Gas Law at the Canadian Institute of Resource Law.   Most recently, she obtained her PhD in Energy Law from the University of Calgary Faculty of Law. While working on her PhD thesis, “Compensating for Catastrophic Harm: Civil Liability Regimes and Compensation funds”, she was supervised by Prof. Nigel Bankes.  Her PhD thesis can be found at this link:


Before her obtaining her PhD, Astrid obtained her Master of Laws (LLM) Degree in Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Law also from the University of Calgary Faculty of Law. During her Masters program, she completed her law courses on Oil & Gas Law, International Petroleum Transactions, International Trade Law, Alternative Energy Law, (Canadian) Environmental Law, International Environmental Law and Aboriginal Law.  She was also a Sessional Instructor for International Environmental Law and a guest lecturer in the law courses of Alternative Energy Law and Sustainable Energy Development Law at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law. Astrid is a registered lawyer in Germany and has working experience in cross-border transactions, business and corporate law.  Her areas of research are civil and tort law, compensation funds, environmental and energy law. She received the Diploma in Nuclear Law from the OECD International School of Nuclear Law in 2015.