The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) has denied an application by Capital Power to amend greenhouse gas emission conditions for the Genesee 3 coal-fired power plant.  These were voluntary commitments to offset emissions that were made before the enactment of provincial reduction regulations.  The AUC heard from interveners and held that there were no changes in circumstances or public policy reasons that would cause these commitments to no longer be in public interest.

The ELC once again applauds the AUC for its commitment to public expectations.  In 2010, the AUC created an enhanced public participation process for the Heartland Transmission Project that offers presumptive standing to area occupants as well choice in how to participate.  In late 2010, the AUC followed with a public inquiry into the regulation of hydroelectric energy development.  The ELC participated in this inquiry with and was invited to make further submissions on the importance of a precautionary approach to environmental decision making.  The Genesee decision highlights the further importance of upholding environmental commitments as a source of public support for board decisions.

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