The evolving world of water management

The evolving world of water management

Blue Water by Carlos Porto

In Alberta we generally know that when we turn on the tap we will have clean running water. But, do we know how it gets there?

Who decides who can access water, how, and how much they can take? A growing movement among governments is to rely on collaborative decision-making processes and market-based solutions to manage water. The question remains: Are these processes effective and democratic? Find out what our panelists think about water management in Alberta and how we compare to other parts of the world.

Shahab Moeini, Universität Salzburg
Julia Ko, Water Matters
Sheila Muxlow, Sierra Club
Jason Unger, Environmental Law Centre
Laura Bowman, Environmental Law Centre

Monday February 1st 2010
3:00 PM – 3:50 PM
TELUS Centre 134, University of Alberta

This event is part of International Week 2010.

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