Reclaiming Tomorrow Today (Slides)

Reclaiming Tomorrow Today (Slides)


Alberta has a significant number of suspended and abandoned well sites which represent ongoing environmental and fiscal liabilities.  To minimize these liabilities abandonment and reclamation of well sites and related infrastructure needs to occur in a timely fashion.  Unless we promote timelier reclamation at the end of a well site’s life, our ability to manage cumulative effects on biodiversity and landscape integrity will continue to suffer.

On February 11, 2014 Jason Unger, Staff Counsel at the ELC, discussed issues around well site reclamation and abandonment and the ELC’s recommendations for regulatory reform. He also provided an overview of other jurisdictions that have dealt with these issues and invites a discussion around barriers to timely reclamation. Click here to view or download the slides from this presentation.

See the ELC report at Reclaiming Tomorrow Today – Regulatory Timing for abandonment and reclamation of well sites in Alberta.

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