Nature & Biodiversity

Since 1982, the Environmental Law Centre has been involved in the preservation of natural spaces and habitat for our wildlife and all biodiversity.


With your support, we will keep doing so well into the future.

Canada is known for its large wilderness and natural areas, diversity of flora and fauna, and breathtaking vistas. This is the legacy Canadians treasure and long to enjoy for generations to come.


Unfortunately, forests are being stripped, cities are encroaching on rural landscapes, and many species are at risk due to loss of their natural habitat.


Because of these threats, the Environmental Law Centre champions:


  • Protection of our natural environment, including restoration of habitats while mitigating and reducing habitat destruction,
  • Protection of wildlife,
  • Preservation of healthy fish and wildlife populations,
  • Biodiversity,
  • Protection of species-at-risk,
  • Afforestation vs. deforestation,
  • Opposition of destructive land use,
  • And preservation of water, wetlands and watersheds


Your support allows us to educate communities on their right to vibrant ecosystems, keep authorities accountable to protect these ecosystems and give a voice to those who want to lend a hand in preserving this legacy.

With your support, together we will ensure the environmental ecosystems around us remain viable and vibrant.