**SOLD OUT** Green Regs n Ham in Calgary  October 25,2018


Science, Decision Making & the Law
The Impact Assessment Cat in the Science Hat


Although science is crucial to the integrity of environmental decision making and impact assessment, a number of challenges exist in how science is gathered, presented, and interpreted by proponents, regulators, and interveners.
The Environmental Law Centre welcomes Dr. Aerin Jacob and Prof. Martin Olszysnki to don their thinking caps and share their insights into the importance of science to impact assessments and what improvements are needed. Sound provincial and federal decisions regarding major infrastructure projects – including pipelines, dams, and oilsands mines – rest on strong science.

Photo: CEPA


The talk will be of interest to anyone engaged in using science in impact assessments generally or watching what will become of the federal Impact Assessment Act, including decision-makers, consultants, industry and
community members.
So don your cap, cowboy hat or fascinator and join us at Green Regs and Ham.


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